Friday 16.11.2018 | 22:00 Concert


Rock + Pop

The craziest theatrical karaoke!
Sala Sidecar, Barcelona
Actuaciones especiales de Marina Salvador & Burlesque Girls BCN!

Apertura puertas: 22.00h.

Sing your favourite songs. From rock to soul, funk, pop, metal and hip hop.

Anti-Karaoke was born 12 years ago and is one of the most unusual shows in Spain. It’s not easy to describe Anti-Karaoke. This weird fusion between a rock’n’roll concert, an underground karaoke and a Broadway show changes all the time.

It’s the singer, not the song! What really makes of Anti-Karaoke a very special experience is the people: the charismatic performers, the strange characters and that person who decides to jump on stage for the first time and entertain an audience.

Fun, irreverent, sexy, crazy, unusual… There’s no other show like Anti-Karaoke!