Dijous 19.09.2019 | 21:00 Concert

BAR DEL SIDECAR: Rumbaristas


‘Rumbaristas’ is the rather ‘caliente’ name of a bright collective consisting of musicians with Spanish, French and Belgian roots. They gathered around the Catalan rumba-player Willy Fuego and the French-Italian-Polish trumpet/accordion-player Thomas Morzewski. Joined by the Belgians Roel Poriau (percussion) and Thomas De Smet (bass), rhythmkings of the crazy Belgian world collective Think of One,  ‘Rumbaristas’ stands for an unbalanced lively and colourful mix of latin-american flavor, with the passion of the Balkan music. A pretty senseless mix of Catalan rumba and Sicilian tarantella, spiced up with a touch of ska, folk, reggae,  cumbia and even avant-garde…