Dissabte 07.12.2019 | 22:00 Concert



FRONT PAGE NEWS and Sidecar are pleased to present Liam Cloud & Jezebel Lies on 7 December 2019. Front Page News features artists from all over the world; united by a deep love for music and a passion for Barcelona as their chosen HOME.

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Very happy to be performing in Sidecar again, Liam Cloud is a Singer-Songwriter and Guitarist from London, Manila (and Pluto). Rarely seen with the band (Jezebel Lies): Bryan Curtis (Drums) Dylan Charbeneau (Keyboard) & Joseph Harris (Bass), he is known for his wide and powerful vocal range, from a sort of soft-spoken verse and smooth falsetto…then switching effortlessly to dramatic highs. His live energy with a band is quite remarkable. There is something to be said about artists in a state of mutual admiration; That energy is great to watch. But these guys, they also like each other as people– and that synchronicity is palpable.This band is TIGHT.


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